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Cosmetics are what Creative Illusions started with over Thirty-five years ago and it is our passion to keep our cosmetics some of the best on the market. We have spent countless hours on creating some of the most beautiful faces in Los Angeles. We study the complexion and the clients facial features to best educate the client on proper make-up application. Again just as in all of our products on the best materials are used to create our make-up.

Although Creative Illusions began with cosmetics we have developed into a premier skincare company. The skin is by far our most researched areas in the past six years and for the rest of Creative Illusions existence it will be our number one objective. The skincare lines developed by Creative Illusions are just that, we develop our products by our own chemists. We take pride in developing our skincare line and thus giving us the ability to call it our own.

The goal for Creative Illusions Cosmetics & Skincare, Inc. in the future is simple, we will continue to use only the best materials, and sell only the highest quality products to our clients. In doing this Creative Illusions will prove to be one of the best brands in skincare available.

What make creative Illusions Cosmetics & Skincare, Inc. so Unique?

It’s the customer service along with a heritage in using the finest materials.

The people that work for Creative Illusions are not just employees, they are our family. The reason why we treat them as family members is to ensure the client gets the best in service.

Lets not forget we also have the best products in make-up and skincare. And with continued research and application of our products, we will prove that Creative Illusions produces the finest products a client can obtain.

Creative Illusions Cosmetics & Skincare, Inc. is a Los Angeles based company. For over Thirty-five years Creative Illusions has operated in multiple store fronts through out Los Angeles County and in other places through out California. After working for Creative Illusions for six years the current own was given the opportunity to take over the company upon the retirement of company’s creator. In given this opportunity Melissa on March 15, 2005 brought Creative Illusions to its next historic turn in life.

Creative Illusions Cosmetics & Skincare, Inc. goal for the future is to continue with superior customer service and to produce top quality cosmetics as we have done over the past Thirty-five years. We will continue to use the best materials for products available in the beauty industry. Making sure the Creative Illusions name is recognized with quality.

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