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This is a process in which a small probe is rubbed on the skin. It blasts a small amount of material on the skin to remove the dead skin from the body. Most salons and spa’s in the industry use what is called Aluminum Oxide Crystals. This is where Creative Illusions is far different in many ways. Creative Illusions Cosmetics and Skincare use only Advanced Microderm machines. We only use medical grad Baking Soda a substance that is nontoxic and non-harmful to our clients. Most companies choose to use Aluminum Oxide machines do to the cost factor. In Los Angeles to this date only two other companies use this machine and they are the Ritz Carlton, and Four Seasons hotels and resorts. Being this exclusive of a machine only means one thing for our clients “Quality”. Look up Advanced Microderm and you will see just what we mean.

Getting a proper facial is very hard to come by these days. When going to a spa we expect to get the extra special treatment but all too often we only get a face rub. Here at Creative Illusions Cosmetics and Skincare we believe in one thing. Skin care is our passion and when you get a facial from us you will feel the difference. We take pride in teaching our members to properly exfoliate a clients face.

This is how we started. Over the years we have shaped the eyebrow in the world of beauty. To this day the shape we provide to our clients has proved to be an industry standard.

Facial Peels
We have over the years used the best materials in our solutions for client’s skin types. Through years of practice and perfection we have developed some of the best techniques in facial skincare. The peels we developed and use in our rooms on our clients are most effective formulas in the industry for cleaner healthier skin


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